The HACCP Food Safety Trainer Manual:
For food service and retail establishments

Description: The Trainer's solution for educating food service and retail employees and managers.

This manual has been prepared for professionals, who train food service or retail establishments that serve and/or sell food, including:

Restaurants • Convenience stores • Supermarkets • Cruise ships • Casinos • Concessions • Senior care facilities • Hotels • Resorts • Bars • Taverns • Education institutions • Airports • Liquor stores • Military • Commissaries • Contract food service • Hospitals • Institutional food service

This manual provides a source for trainers to have at their fingertips all of the material they need to properly train Food HACCP. This manual is laid out in a binder which allows trainers to easily organize their material and customize the binder to meet their needs. This manual includes:

• Instructional materials;
• SURE Proctor Manual;
• The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual;
• The HACCP Food Safety Manager Manual;
• SURE PowerPoint slides for each manual;
• Discussion points; and
• Much more.

The revolutionary lay out provides trainers with the most comprehensive and easy to use method to present the material to students.

Trainers can now be confident that they have the best resource available to be fully prepared when teaching the 7 HACCP Principles to employees and managers. This training manual has up-to-date relevant course material written by professionals in the industry who have thousands of hours of training. This manual allows for a step-by-step approach to introduce the HACCP concept to employees and provide managers the tools they need to prepare and implement a customized Food HACCP plan. Utilizing this manual, together with the training aids, ensures that employees and management will understand their roles in providing safe food and will assist in the creation of a culture that strives to prevent, eliminate, and reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Included in this manual is a SURE answer sheet that will be used by the participant when taking the examination to become a certified SURE HACCP Food Safety Trainer. Upon a participant completing the course and passing the examination they receive the SURE HACCP Food Safety certification along with a wallet card that is proof of demonstration of knowledge.

This book contains illustrations, tables, and forms.
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