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March 30, 2015

Abington, PA

Instruis Publishing Company, based in Abington, PA, will release the Alcohol Incident Report TRAC at the Nightclub and Bar Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 30th, 2015.   This provides the alcohol service and sale industry the capability of providing a method to capture, in real time, information vital to protect your brand and reduce the risk of alcohol related incidents with a cloud-based system that is on the forefront.

“We are pleased to have paired with Ready Training, Inc. (RTO) and Paster Training, Inc., to bring to the industry a method of real time reporting for any alcohol related incident,” noted James Egbert, CEO of Instruis Publishing Company.  “Now with the use of this system, owners have the ability to track incidents, analyze any deficiencies, and take corrective action as soon as they occur.”

Sales to those who become visibly intoxicated, who are underage, or to third parties who then supply alcohol to underage persons can cost an owner/operator millions of dollars, risk of civil and criminal penalties, and fines.  Traditionally, management has relied on no physical reporting system or paper reports which can be lost or do not accurately record the vital data to protect the establishment.

Benefits of the Alcohol Incident Report TRAC system are that:
  • - It is an easy way to document any alcohol-related incidents that occur in your establishment.
  • - It provides an online method for reporting in multiple formats for ease in management analysis.
  • - Reports are cloud-based, encrypted, and can be e-mailed automatically to management 24/7.
  • - Documentation can be safely saved in RTO's secure system for up to seven years.
  • - Reporting can be accessed from anywhere with a log in.
  • - It is available in both monthly and annual subscriptions.

"This is another step in bringing to the industry a comprehensive solution to the responsible service and sale of alcohol," states James Egbert.

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