808 AD China – World’s Oldest Known Printed Book The Diamond Sutra
1440 Germany – Johann Gutenberg invents movable type
1455 Germany – Johann Gutenberg prints first book a Latin bible
1475 England – William Caxton produces the first book printed in English The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye
1639 Cambridge, MA – Stephen Day prints Freeman’s Oath and An Almanackthe first books published in the American colonies
1731 England – The Gentleman’s Magazine considered the first modern magazine is published
1822 America – William Church invents the first mechanical typesetting device
1851 America – New York Times debuts
1913 America – First crossword puzzle appears in the New York World
1923 America – Time magazine debuts
1950 America – Charles Schulz introduces Peanuts comic strip
1974 America – People magazine debuts
1986 America – The Academic American Encyclopedia is the first reference available on CD-ROM
2012 America – Instruis Publishing Company founded