Alcohol HACCP Manager Manual:
The solution for responsible service and sale of alcohol

Description: Management’s solution for responsible service and sale of alcohol.

This manual provides leaders with the tools necessary to develop a comprehensive program following the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Principles. HACCP has long been the standard in the food industry for preventing, eliminating, or reducing food-related illnesses and contamination. Instruis has taken those proven methods and adapted it for the alcohol industry.

Implementing an Alcohol HACCP system provides management with the confidence in knowing that it has set up a system for success. This system allows for monitoring operation practices and procedures to meet legal responsibilities and creates an environment that provides for safe and responsible service and/or sale of alcohol in order to prevent, eliminate, or reduce alcohol-related incidents.

This manual provides a detailed explanation of HACCP. HACCP is a written, step-by-step system which educates the reader on how to prepare and implement a customized HACCP plan for his or her food service or retail operation. It has everything needed to create a HACCP plan, including sample prerequisite and standard operating procedures, a Hazard Analysis Worksheet, sample on- and off- premises policies, and an Alcohol HACCP plan.

Also included is a SURE answer sheet that is used to take the Alcohol HACCP examination.

This book contains illustrations, tables, and forms.
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