Our mission is, “Perfection through education.” Trainers serve a vital role in the SURE Certification Program. We have prepared the finest educational materials to allow trainers to have the greatest opportunity for success in their career as a Trainer. In order to become a Certified Trainer, one must become a Certified SURE Proctor and take a Trainer Examination to demonstrate their proficiency.

A prospective Trainer should complete an application and submit it to info@instruis.com. By providing information about education and experience, it allows us to access the level of expertise and decide which track one must take to become a Certified Trainer. Those who are already recognized Trainers from another organization may be permitted to become an Instruis Trainer upon successfully completing the certification examination and demonstrating comprehensive knowledge in their area of expertise and becoming a SURE Proctor. Those who have education and experience, who are not Certified Trainers from another organization, may be permitted to test through the examination process to become Trainers. Those without any prior experience are encouraged to take the requisite courses to gain the level of knowledge needed to become Trainers.

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