The HACCP Food Safety Manager Manual:
For food service and retail establishments

Description: The leadership solution for food service and retail establishments.

This is the advanced book for food handlers and management. This manual builds on the foundational concepts taught in The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual. In this manual, managers will learn how to complete a HACCP system that includes prerequisite programs, food safety, food defense, standard operating procedures, and the 7 HACCP principles in order to prevent, eliminate, or reduce hazards to serve and/or sell safe food. Instruis has developed the HACCP Star as a training aid that is used to teach these core elements for HACCP.

Implementing a Food Safety HACCP plan provides management with the confidence in knowing that they have set up a system for success, allows for monitoring operation practices and procedures to meet legal responsibilities, and creates a food safety culture. The SURE HACCP Food Safety Series provides a proactive approach to Food HACCP by controlling every step in the flow of food to prevent foodborne illness or injury.

Also included is a SURE answer sheet that is used to take the HACCP Food Safety Manager examination.

This book contains illustrations, tables, and forms.
  • Paperback: 326 pages
  • Language: English
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