The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual:

For food service and retail establishments includes 2013 FDA Food Code Description: The solution for employees of food service and retail establishments. This entry-level manual for food handlers provides the foundation for understanding HACCP and its importance to a safe food service or retail establishment. The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual is part of the SURETM product line, which is dedicated to Safe, Useful, Responsible Education for the food industry. Employees will learn their roles in preventing, eliminating, or reducing foodborne illness Implementing a Food Safety HACCP plan provides management with the confidence in knowing that they have set up a system for success. The plan allows for monitoring operation practices and procedures to meet legal responsibilities and creates a food safety culture. When coupled with The HACCP Food Safety Manager Manual, the basics taught in this manual will help prevent, eliminate, or reduce hazards in order to serve and/or sell safe food. The SURE HACCP Food Safety Series has been written and prepared by trainers and food industry leaders who know the most effective way to train your employees. Also included is a SURE answer sheet that is used to take the HACCP Food Safety Employee examination. This book contains illustrations, tables, and forms.
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