SURE Alcohol Log & Incident Report Book

Description: This book provides an easy to use method to keep a daily log and gather critical information This book provides owners, operators, and persons-in-charge with an easy-to-use method for gathering, recording, and keeping critical information. No matter how diligent establishments that serve and/or sell alcohol are, incidents that occur may, if not handled properly, result in injury, death, or property damage. These types of situations include service and/or sale to those who are or may become VIPs (Visibly Intoxicated Persons), minors, and third-parties (those who provide alcohol to minors). Even if all reasonable efforts to avoid a situation are taken, if they are not properly documented and retained, there is no record!

Establishments that become involved in alcohol-related incidents risk criminal prosecution, loss of license, and even complete closure of the business. In order to ensure that reasonable efforts and all relevant information is recorded, it is vital to use the SURE Alcohol Log & Incident Report Book.

This book consists of two sections. The first section includes the Alcohol Log which should be completed daily. The second section includes the Alcohol Incident Reports which should be completed in the event of alcohol-related incident occurs. These unique, 2 part carbonless Alcohol Incident Reports allows establishments to document alcohol-related incidents that occur in one comprehensive book. These reports automatically create a duplicate copy that can be given to the appropriate authority. The carbonless form is perforated which permits easy removal of the duplicate. The extended back cover is to be used as a handy divider between sets of the carbonless form to keep information from being transferred to unused copies.

This manual is a “must have” for any establishment that is serious about protecting its brand and controlling runaway legal expenses.

This book contains illustrations and 2-part carbonless form
  • Paperback: 37 pages (17 pages + 20 carbonless forms)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5"x11".0.5"
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