Instruis Publishing Company, Inc. (IPC) and their assigns, hold training courses with the highest regard. A violation in regulations or laws, regarding the student’s participation in a course, has significant repercussions for the student, IPC, and the food service industry. Violations could result in civil and criminal prosecution, penalties, fines, legal fees for the trainer, student, and possibly their employer; as well as, allowing non-competent individuals to become certified, potentially causing harm to the public.   As a SURE™ Texas Food Employee Trainer (TX FSE) you must take all possible precautions to assure that individuals being trained are in fact those who have signed up for the course, sit for the entire training course, and the information regarding their participation to be properly recorded into the Texas data base. This is a safeguard so that proof of participation can be supplied to the appropriate authorities if an investigation is launched.   In registering as a SURE™ Texas Food Employee Trainer with Instruis Publishing Company, Inc. I agree to the following:
  • Provide a full and complete training program in compliance with the state and local statute and regulations regarding each participant.
  • IPC does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, disabilities, or marital status.
  • Ensure the identity of the participant being trained and that each participant complete the required training.
  • Perform ethically by being aware of possible conflicts of interest.
  • Follow all procedures and practices as set forth by Instruis Publishing Company (IPC).
  • Complete all forms accurately and completely.
  • Keep your Trainer ID and password secure at all times.
  • Do not share your Trainer ID and password with anyone.
As a SURE™ Texas Food Employee Trainer you understand IPC’s policies and procedures. If the policies and procedures are not followed, it may result in disciplinary actions and potential legal ramifications. The way the examination is administered is very important for the success, credibility, and security of the Food Safety Training. Disclaimer: At the conclusion of the SURE™ Texas Food Safety Employee Training students must present their completion certificate to their local health authority and must pay the required fees associated with registration at their local authority.