Alcohol HACCP-The Solution for Responsible Service and Sale of Alcohol

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HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a widely recognized scientific method for analyzing and minimizing risk.   Developed by Pillsbury for NASA in the 1960s, HACCP is used worldwide to keep the food supply secure. Alcohol HACCP is a system that businesses can use to avoid alcohol-related incidents. Businesses that serve and/or sell alcohol are responsible for preventing and reducing the occurrence of alcohol-related incidents. To successfully prevent and reduce the occurrence of alcohol-related incidents, operators must develop and implement a comprehensive system. Specifically, businesses that serve and/or sell alcohol must meet legal standards to not serve individuals who are visibly intoxicated, or under 21 years of age, and must take reasonable efforts to intervene if a patron is intoxicated or giving alcohol to minors. If an alcohol-related incident occurs, businesses may face criminal charges and/or civil litigation. This can be avoided by creating a system that manages and monitors operation practices and procedures to meet legal responsibilities.  This book saves lives and saves money. Alcohol HACCP-The Solution for Responsible Service and Sale of Alcohol will guide the reader through a process that will lead to the development of an Alcohol HACCP plan for their specific business or facility.